These mixed technique works combine stencil printing with lithographic inks and acrylic painting. The works consist of two physical layers that reflect the two distinct life styles depicted in the image. Each image reveals two discordant interconnected human realities that exist simultaneously in the manufacture, distribution and usage of items in my daily life. OUTSOURCED! reflects the brutal inequities of global economics. The images reveal how my middle class life exists at the expense of child slaves around the world.  The top layer symbolizes the situation of a child laborer who produces the item I have acquired. The child is made with surface rolled inked stencil using flat colors. The bottom layer, painted with vibrant colors symbolizes my perspective and relationship to the manufactured item.


Brushed Nickel is So Elegant 1: Brazil    44" x 32"


UPPER LAYER: Every day in Brazil, 10 year old Isabela picks through a putrid garbage heap searching for bottles and cans to sell to the middleman. One day she sank in the garbage up to her chest. Fortunately her 13 year old brother, Sergio, makes up to $3 US a day and even sometimes finds food, in the huge mountain of refuse, that he takes home to share with the family.

LOWER LAYER: Im searching the web for designer kitchen accessories. I need two recycling containers: 1 for paper, another for bottles and cans. I want them to match our fabulous new ceramic tile floor. My first choice is something elegant, in brushed nickel with a 21st century look. 


How Cool is That 2?: Democratic Republic of Congo  44" x 32"


UPPER LAYER: Claude is 7. He lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. At 5 AM, after having water for breakfast, he walks 2 miles to the coltan mine. On a good day Claude earns one dollar US hauling containers of rocks. Claudes 15 year old cousin, Celestin, lost his left arm & right foot using explosives to open up the mine shaft. Refined coltan is used to make tantalum, a heat resistant metal powder that holds electrical charges. Coltan is a key component in all cell phones.

LOWER LAYER: All of my necessities must fit into my gorgeous, tiny, new, blue beaded evening bag. So Im getting a new cell phone.....free! All I have to do is sign up for two more years of wireless service. How cool is that!


My Beautiful Red Dress 2: India   44" x 32"

UPPER LAYER: I am Kadiamal. I live in India. When I was 8 my parents bonded me to the silk factory because they had to borrow $35 US when my sister got sick. I sleep in the factory, on the floor, between the machines at get up at 4 AM to wind the silk. We work 12 hours a day. If I make a mistake, my employer ties a chain, attached to the wall, to my leg and beats me with a belt.

LOWER LAYER: Absolutely stunning! My new beautiful red silk dress. After tracking it through markdowns and price reductions, I finally got it at a clearance sale for less that what I earn in 1/2 an hour. It will be really hard, but Im determined not to eat all day Saturday, so it will fit perfectly when we go out for dinner. 


Putter Around With The DeWalt: Bangladesh

44" x 32" 


UPPER LAYER: After two years of training with no pay, thirteen year old Masud is finally able to help his family with their expenses! He is now earning 700 Taka, about $10 US a month.  Masud has a job in the metal factory. He works two hours a day in a window less room with no ventilation. He uses rusty old tools and works without googles or a face mask.

LOWER LAYER: Well, I thought it would be fun to get Steve a surprise....a top of the line cordless DeWalt drill. He can use it when he is in the mood to fix something. Like many guys he just loves to putter around with new tools.


I Love Foreign Films 2: Mexico   44" x 32" 


UPPER LAYER: Thirteen year old Teresa traveled 1,300 miles with her parents and two little brothers to a bordertown. Jose, her dad, got a job in a maquiladora. he suffered with severe headaches, rashes and nausea during the three years he worked double shifts. He died of pulmonary problems at age 32. Esperanza, her mom, was fired when the daily factory urine test revealed her pregnancy. Teresa, Thank God! was hired to assemble electronic products. She works 12 hour days, earning $72 US a month. It takes her 4.5 hours to earn enough to buy a gallon of milk.

LOWER LAYER: Since we decided on a very modest Christmas this year, Steve got me a DVD player. When Im in the mood, especially after a long tiring day of shopping, I take a long relaxing bubble bath, then stretch out with some tasty snacks to watch a movie. My favorites are foreign films. 



Chocoholic Dreams 2: Ivory Coast   44" x 32"


UPPER LAYER: Aly was lured from his family in Mali, by the promise of a bicycle, to in one of the 600,000 cocoa farms in the Ivory Coast. Cocoa is the basic ingredient in chocolate. Aly and 18 other boys ages 9-13 are locked in a 20 x 24 at all non working times. Their daily food ration is a few burnt bananas. They work 7 twelve hour days in the brutal sun, earning $13 US a year. It takes 400 cocoa pods to make 1 lb. of chocolate. Aly has never eaten chocolate.


LOWER LAYER: The International Chocolate Show was glorious! 52 chocolatiers gifted endless samples of their creations! Delectable treats of every kind! semi sweet, dark, white, milk and sugarless....chocolate with: oranges, pears, berries, pineapple, kiwi, bananas...with ginger, rum, curry, honey, jelly, coconut and caramel...hazelnuts, pecans, almonds and peanut! As a devoted chocoholic I eat some form of it every day.