What we wear tells a story of our identity. Our livelihoods, professions, personal style, historic era, and social class are expressed through our clothes and accessories. Garments used for rituals, ceremonies, entertainment, and functional purposes reveal social characteristics and status. Clothing influences our posture, body language, our movement and physical presence. Our attire impacts interactions with one another in public and in private. This is a series of mixed technique artist books created in the shape of a garments that represent the complex conflicts of our American identity.

Labor Day: Stockbroker's vest   5/5, 2015,  10.5 ” x7.75 closed, 4 page book: collage with canson paperand rice papers, stencil printing and archival inkjet print


Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Minister's robe,  1/5, 2016,  23.25" x 12" open, 8 page book, collaged archival ink jet print with Canson, rice and Moab papers

Thanksgiving Day: Shoshone woman's dress, 1/5, 2016,  23.25" x 12" open, 5 page book created by collaging stencil and archival inkjet printing on paper and pleather 


President's Day: Cape, 4/5, 2016,  12" x 19" open, 4 page book created by collaging stencil and archival inkjet printing, painting on paper with magnet


New Years Day: The Little Black Dress , 2/5,  2015,   24.5" x12.25" open 3 page book, collage with canson paper, lace,  archival inkjet print


Independence day: A T shirt,  11.5" x 11" closed, 11.5" x 18.5" open, 4 page book, paper, plastic, archival inkjet print


Christmas Day: 12.5" x 8.25" closed, 12.5" x 8.25" open, 4 page book in the shape os a child's pajamas. Felt, paper, archival inlet print, plastic


Veteran's Day: Camouflage pants, 12" x 6" closed, 12" x 11" open, 4 page book in the shape of military gear, paper, stencil print, archival inkjet print, metal, magnet