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Disillusionment is a theme with profound resonance in the current political, social and cultural climate. This project was conceived by artists Marina Gutierrez and robin holder as they compared artworks -- two wedding gowns revealing counter narratives of disenchantment. The themes in these works had particular resonance to the current state of our society experiencing conflict, anger, confusion, turmoil and tension.


They invited 24 accomplished artists, all women, to create a work that references  DISILLUSIONMENT, whether personal, global, cultural, or political addressing issues of deception, falseness, unfaithfulness, betrayal with reference to wearing, inhabiting, being veiled, draped, revealed, exposed or wrapped in disillusion.

The artwork that emerged from this unusually diverse group of artists ranges from ‘me too’ narratives, to hurricane reflections, political annotations, racial and ethnic inequity, and historical texts. The media and methods used are varied and eclectic, including welded woven steel, found assemblage, paper collage, sewn materials and ephemeral body casts. Taller Boricua graciously agreed to host the first presentation of this extraordinary exhibition. 

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