Behind Each Window, A Voice

I did not really understand who I was until I left my country. Years ago, while living abroad, I was made painfully aware by several European, South American and African friends that I was not “African American” but obviously, completely and simply an American. "Even though you look like you could be from Israel, Yemen, Brazil, Egypt, or the Dominican Republic", one friend informed me, "it is absolutely certain that you are unmistakably an American woman. There is something about the way you walk……." he said, "like you own the world, unquestionably American!"  This series explores the theme of Identity, how people place themselves in the American cultural landscape.

Know Their Place   44” x 32”

This series, Behind Each Window, a Voice, consists of 20 works. It was created with the support of a fellowship at Robert Blackburn's Printmaking Workshop and a Brooklyn Arts Council Individual Artist grant. Each piece incorporates painting, collage, and various printmaking techniques including photo lithography, Xerox lithograph, monoprinting, relief printing and photo silkscreen and digital imaging.


Part Of Your Memory      44” x 32”

These works were inspired by oral histories of eight neighbors in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Each person is juggling a unique range of ethnic, religious, national and social origins. Most of them are first generation immigrants.


Rice Is The Main Dish     44” x 32”                            

Collecting these personal histories was an endearing experience that presented invaluable insights. People shared their aspirations, religious beliefs, and family photographs, accounts of racial, social, religious and political victimization, ideas about society, schooling, recreational activities and their methods of negotiating society.



Hunger Strike             44” x 32”

Two participants in this project were featured in my Cool Women segment produced by Debbie Allen for WE TV.



About The Land   44” x 32”



    Culture             17” x 11”      

Culture          17” x 11”



    Try To protect Them         17” x 11”      

Try To protect Them      17” x 11”



    Weren't Any Black People          17” x 11”      

Weren't Any Black People       17” x 11”



    Heavy With Family       17” x 11”      

Heavy With Family    17” x 11”



    Because We Were Irish         17” x 11”      

Because We Were Irish      17” x 11”