Empower A Woman To Liberate  A Man   by robin holder 

Empower A Woman To Liberate  A Man by robin holder 


Disillusionment is a theme with profound resonance in the current political, social and cultural climate. During a studio visit Marina Gutierrez and I compared artworks we had created -- two wedding gowns revealing narratives of disenchantment. This theme is particularly meaningful as our society is enveloped in conflict, anger, and tension. 

We invited 20 accomplished artists, all women, to create a work about DISILLUSIONMENT addressing issues of deception, falseness,  betrayal with reference to wearing, inhabiting, being veiled, draped, revealed, exposed or wrapped in disillusion. The artwork that emerged from this diverse group of artists ranges from ‘me too’ narratives, to brutality and historical texts. The media and methods used range from   welded woven steel, assemblage, paper collage, sewn materials to  body casting.

The video we are now editing from individual interviews with this unique community of artists reflects the passion, inspiration, challenges, vision and creative practice of a formidable group of visionary women artists. 

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