Behind Each Window, A Voice

I developed these works because while living abroad I was made painfully aware that I was not considered an African American but simply an American. I was told "There is something about the way you you own the world, unquestionably American!" Which foreign born residents become entitled Americans? Who remains disenfranchised, on the fringes of society? This series of 20 works, created with a Brooklyn Arts Council Individual Artist Grant, explore the theme of immigrant identity. I gathered oral histories from 8 Brooklyn neighbors who were born abroad. They spoke of navigating American culture while struggling to maintain their heritage. 

   About the Land.     44" x32"

About the Land.   44" x32"

   Culture     17" 11"

Culture   17" 11"

Hunger Strike            44” x 32”

   Weren't Any Black People    17" x 11"

Weren't Any Black People  17" x 11"

    Despair          44” x 32”

Despair       44” x 32”

   Expose Myself      17" x 11

Expose Myself    17" x 11